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Interactive Fiction

Interactive Fiction

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Bogeyman (2018)

Won 2nd place in the 24th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition.


ZOINKS! (2018)

Won 3rd place in its category of this year’s Ectocomp.

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1K Cupid (2018)

A tiny parser puzzle written for sub-Q Magazine’s love jam.

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The Invader (2017)

A short sci-fi game based on a true story.

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Compass (2017)

An experimental piece about nature and subjectivity, among other things.

stone valley cover square.png

Stone Valley at Midnight (2014)

A short sci-fi story about insomnia, among other things.

small things cover square.png

Small Things (2013)

A tiny game about alien abduction.

alice and joe cover square.png

Alice & Joe (2013)

Written for Jenn Frank’s boob jam.

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Pure Again (2013)

A short sci-fi game about body dysmorphia and gender identity.

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Explain Menstrual Periods to Me Like IAMA [Cis] Man (2013)

My first ever Twine piece. What it says on the tin.


Some of the earlier works listed here were published under the name Kevin McGowan, because I identified as transgender at the time. I detransitioned in 2015 and legally reverted to my birth name.